A brief history
Founded in 1890 by the Quesada family, the establishment, located in the centre of the city of Palma, has been a benchmark for quality in the world of interior design and decoration for four generations. Joaquín Quesada was the cabinetmaker who made Mallorcan modernist style furniture for numerous homes, palaces, theatres and hotels. These are spaces that, through the years, have been decorated and furnished by specialists and craftspeople from a company rooted in the history of Mallorca.

In 2022, the Quesada sisters took over the Aquitania group and took on the challenge of upholding the work carried out until then, as well as expanding their services of lighting, furniture and interior design projects.

Quesada, the shop
The shop, located in the heart of the historic centre of Palma, is a meeting point, a showcase for furniture, fabrics and interior design, for details, touches and feasts for the eyes. Above all, it is a way of understanding life.

Sustainability | Elegance | Discretion

The shop offers a timeless collection of furniture, lighting and accessories, both for indoor and outdoor use: from robust reclaimed teak tables to handmade ceramics, unique pieces and distinctive brands.


We travel the world to find objects that awaken our senses. We are moved by a passion for beauty, for nature, for details. For that which, through its simplicity, has its own voice.


Simplicity when it comes to understanding people’s needs. Simplicity to keep one’s intellect and spirit open to life, and always with an observant frame of mind. Simplicity to appreciate the design that nature herself has created.


All human creative manifestation seeks harmony. Quesada is constantly on the move, gently interacting with its day-to-day environment to find the relationship between the element and the person. Detail is essential in our way of doing things: we search for distinctive pieces knowing that they will be coexisting with you, and we do it with the utmost delicacy.


The creation and lighting of a space is done in order to enhance the space; to transmit sensations and to relate to others in a reciprocal way. It is an environment that is part of you and of which you are an essential part. At Quesada we put all our experience at your service so that you always feel at home.

Interior design

From the concept to the final product, we give shape to your ideas. We advise you on the choice of furniture, materials, textures and colours. Each client and each space is unique, which is why we consider it essential to offer you the possibility of designing your own furniture and textiles, for you to give character to your surroundings.


We give you guidance on decor, sharing our ideas with you and selecting the furniture, materials, textures and colours that best suit your idea. We believe that each client and each place is unique. For this reason, we also offer the possibility for you to design and manufacture bespoke furniture or textiles, to give a more personal touch to your spaces.


Light is an essence that is not always perceived, yet at Quesada it takes centre stage.
We design comprehensive lighting projects, indoors and outdoors, for your home or business, collaborating from the very start with architects, interior designers and/or designers. We anticipate your needs. We design the environment, and we give it light.

Signature Products

The tradition of textiles is present in all cultures and civilisations. We are surrounded by fabrics that embrace our lives on a daily basis. Quesada has specialised in the best manufacturers that work with traditional techniques and others that, through new technologies, provide a new concept of sustainability.
At Quesada we are inspired by natural textures, such as linen, cotton, wool and silk. If the project requires it, we also work with a wide selection of fabrics of other compositions.

Mallorcan rocking chair

The rocking chair produced by Aquitania combines craftsmanship, tradition and contemporaneity.
We produce it in collaboration with an artisan furniture maker who works with wood using traditional techniques, giving it a contemporary feel.
The highest quality fabric is used, made and dyed by hand, using techniques from the last century.

Olive wood chair

The chair, produced in Córdoba, has a structure made of old olive wood, which gives it a second life, and is strung with bulrush using traditional techniques.
This signature piece values the art of craftsmanship.

Tibidabo lamp

The Tibidabo lamp is manufactured entirely in Menorca by an artisan turner. It is inspired by Nordic design and combines visual lightness and physical consistency in one single element.

Teak furniture

At Quesada, everything we design stems from an ecological awareness.
Indonesian teak is considered one of the best in the world; the natural oils it contains protect it from aging and deterioration due to climatic conditions. By restoring the beams and furniture from old houses, we avoid leaving an environmental footprint, as well as giving a second life to hard wood that is beautiful and resistant to the passage of time. This means that a new piece of furniture with a timeless character can be created.
The increasing difficulty of obtaining this type of wood adds to the exclusivity of each piece.